Preparing Your Warehouse Floor

Whether your warehouse floors are in need of cleaning, repairs, or a new epoxy resin coating, it’s essential to properly prepare the surface so that the finished product can be installed properly and maintain its longevity.

Stripping warehouse floors involves removing an existing floor finish or coating, such as wax, epoxy, or other sealants, to prepare the surface for reapplication of a new finish or coating. This is important for maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and appearance of the warehouse floor.

Here’s an overview of the stripping process for warehouse floors:

Before beginning any stripping process, it’s important to assess the condition of the existing floor finish and identify any items that require special attention, such as stains, heavy wear, or damaged areas.

Necessary supplies

  • Floor stripper solution: A chemical solution designed to break down and loosen the existing floor finish.
  • Mop or floor scrubber: A mop or floor scrubber with a stripping pad or brush attachment is used to apply the stripper and agitate the surface.
  • Wet vacuum or mop bucket: These are used to remove the old finish and stripper solution from the floor.
  • Scraper or floor squeegee: These can help remove any stubborn or excess finish.
  • Clean water: For rinsing the floor after stripping.
  • Neutralizer: In some cases, a neutralizing solution may be required to balance the pH of the floor after stripping.

Application of Stripper
Floor stripper solution will be applied evenly over the floor and allowed to dwell for a specified amount of time in order to dissolve and break down the existing finish.

Using a floor scrubber or mop with a stripping pad, we will then agitate the surface to help loosen the existing finish and make it easier to remove. Stubborn areas may require additional scrubbing or tools to fully remove.

Once the finish is sufficiently loosened, we’ll use a wet vacuum or mop bucket to remove the stripper solution and the dissolved finish from the floor, ensuring no traces of the old material are left behind.

Any remaining residue of stripping solution will be thoroughly rinsed with clean water to ensure the floor is entirely free of chemicals.

Depending on the type of stripper used, we may need to apply a neutralizing solution to balance the pH of the floor.

Before applying a new finish or coating, it’s essential to allow the floor to dry completely. This process may take several hours, depending on the humidity and temperature of the facility.

Application of New Finish
Once the floor is clean and dry, we will apply the new floor finish or coating, depending on your facility’s needs. This will protect the floor and maintain its appearance.


Warehouse floor stripping is a routine maintenance task that helps extend the life of the floor and keep the workspace safe and clean. The experts at Macadam Construction will discuss your needs and recommend the appropriate products and equipment to achieve the best results while minimizing potential hazards.

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