What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is a non-destructive digging method that utilizes high-pressure water plus a powerful vacuum system that can be used to remove asphalt, concrete, or other surface materials. It is a versatile technique used in various applications, often superior to other methods for materials removal.

Some benefits of hydro excavation include:

  • Increased safety for both equipment operators and others nearby
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Increased precision when excavating
  • Reduced risk of damaging underground utilities or infrastructure
  • Less downtime
  • Cost-effective alternative to other repair methods

Thanks to these many benefits, hydro excavation is useful in a variety of situations to address many different types of repairs.

Hydro Excavation for ADA Compliance

Hydro excavation can be used to help your property meet ADA requirements in several ways:

  • Correcting improper slopes
  • Removing surface irregularities
  • Cleaning resistant debris
  • Addressing root intrusion or settling

What makes hydro excavation especially valuable for these repairs is its precision, safety, non-destructive nature, and above all its cost-effectiveness – hydro excavation is a much more budget-friendly option than traditional methods, such as using a jackhammer to remove an area of sidewalk and then re-pour the new concrete to replace it.

tree root damage on sidewalk should be address with hydro excavation

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    Why Choose Robotic Hydro Excavation?

    Demolition can be a challenging, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous task, especially when it involves removing concrete elements from an existing structure. This process requires precision to ensure that only the damaged concrete is removed while preserving the integrity of the surrounding materials.

    To address these challenges, many demolition companies have adopted the use of dry or wet demolition robots. These robotic systems not only expedite the demolition process and enhance efficiency, saving both time and money, but they also significantly improve worker safety. Robotic demolition equipment allows operators to maintain a safe distance by remotely controlling the robot, minimizing exposure to contaminants, debris, and the risk of being near collapsing concrete structures.

    ineffective concrete removal method

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