Traffic Spikes

Traffic spikes are frequently used to enforce one way traffic in a single traffic lane, such as at the entrance or exit to a parking lot.

They are an effective way to keep traffic moving in a single direction.

Benefits of Traffic Spikes

These spikes prevent drivers from entering through an access point where the gate may close slowly or where a gate cannot be installed.

When a driver drives over traffic control spikes from the wrong direction, the spikes pierce the tires, causing them to deflate. The tires will need to be replaced.

Traffic spikes are one of the more important safety features of parking lots construction.

Types of Traffic Spikes

In-ground, or sub-surface mounted, traffic spikes are built directly into the pavement. Their low height is ideal for locations anticipating lots of traffic from vehicles with low ground clearance, such as performance vehicles.

On-ground or surface mounted spike strips are easily installed on an existing pavement surface. These are ideal for those seeking a simple installation process.

Motorized traffic spikes are available as either in-ground or surface mounted systems. These are ideal for locations who might wish to have the spikes raised or lowered at different times of day, or to provide automated access with a card reader.

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