Gate Operators

Gate operators are a simple, reliable way to control access to your parking lot. They can help protect your property, improve the overall experience for authorized users, and contribute to a well-organized and secure parking facility.

Installation can allow you to:

  • Enhance security
  • Control who enters and exits the premises
  • Manage flow of traffic in busy areas
  • Decrease operating costs by eliminating the need to hire security personnel
  • Increase property value
  • Provide data and usage reports*

*only select operators are able to track and report usage data

If you desire even more safety and security for your facility, or if your parking lot requires payment for use, you can combine your installation of a gate along with traffic spikes to ensure traffic is always moving in the right direction.

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    Types of Gate Operators

    swing gate operator

    Swing Gate Operators

    Swing gate operators are versatile gate automation systems that offer enhanced security, convenience, and access control for a wide range of applications. They can be customized to meet specific needs and are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of swing gates.

    They are commonly used on residential properties, commercial complexes, and industrial facilities.

    An electric motor, usually mounted on a post or pillar near the gate, will turn the arm to swing open or closed on its hinges. Swing direction depends on the design of the gate and installation and will be selected based on your facility’s needs.

    Control options can often be integrated with access control systems, including keycard readers, PIN pads, intercoms, or even biometric scanners. Some can also be controlled remotely or integrated with smartphone apps for even greater convenience.

    Safety features include obstacle detection to stop or reverse gate motion if an object or person if in the path of the gate, backup battery power systems to continue operation in the event of a power outage, and adjustable speed and force to optimize gate operation and prevent damage.

    slide gate operator

    Slide Gate Operators

    Slide gate operators, much like swing gate operators, offer enhanced security, convenience, and access control for your facility. They are available in different sizes and installation configurations and can be customized to meet your unique set of needs.

    There are three different types of slide gate operators to select from, depending on your specific needs:

    1. Residential: Perfect for private driveways or residential building entrances, these are generally quieter and more compact than other types of gates.
    2. Commercial: Suitable for commercial properties such as office buildings, gated communities, or storage facilities, these are more robust and designed for higher traffic loads.
    3. Industrial: Commonly used in factories, warehouses, or other industrial settings, these are heavy duty and built for frequent use, and often larger so that they can accommodate larger vehicles.

    This type of gate is operated by an electric motor and a gearbox, typically mounted on a concrete pad or a post near the gate. When activated, a chain or a rack-and-pinion mechanism will slide the gate horizontally along its tracks, which are installed on the ground.

    Slide gates offer many of the same features as swing gates when it comes to control options, including integration with access control systems like keycard readers, PIN pads, intercoms, and biometric scanners, as well as remote control and mobile app integrations.

    Safety features such as obstacle detection, backup battery power, and adjustable speed and force are included with this type of gate as well.

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