Mitsubishi - Redondo Beach

mitsubishi redondo beach parking lot with dealership sign

The Problem

By nature, auto dealerships withstand heavy traffic due to the large volume of vehicles being driven or transported across the pavement on a daily basis.

Additionally, due to years of UV exposure and its prime location next to a busy intersection, there was a large amount of dirt and debris covering the surface of the facility. Pavement markings had also faded and would need to be refreshed.

When the previous auto dealership moved out, there was extensive damage and the lot needed to be repaired and looking like new for its new tenant, Mitsubishi.

The Plan

This lot was intended to showcase new vehicles to potential buyers, so getting it to pristine condition was key to making the dealership look professional, trustworthy, and well-maintained for its loyal customers.


  1. Clean surface: The Macadam Construction team did a deep clean of the existing surface to prepare it for the new overlay. This was achieved using mechanical sweeping equipment, power blowers, and brooms as necessary to remove any loose materials, dirt, and debris.
  2. Remove existing striping: Then, on coat of traffic rated paint was applied on top of the existing stenciled pavement markings to prevent the reappearance of old markings.
  3. Sealcoating: A single coat was applied of latex integrated sealcoating material to the entire surface.
  4. Curing: Curing requires a 24-hour period to allow the materials to set and dry.
  5. Pavement markings. Once the sealcoat had fully cured, pavement markings and stencils were re-applied.
  6. Cleanup: Once all work had been completed, the job was completed by cleanup of the construction area and removal and disposal of job-related debris.

Once all steps had been completed, the lot was ready for immediate use.

Project Photos

Project Details

43,000 SF surface repair
600 gallons 2% latex integrated sealcoating material
1 day job completion time

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