For Asphalt Surface Maintenance

Studies have shown that properly maintained asphalt surfaces are more inviting, increase overall safety and, in turn, increase revenue.

How Coatings Help

Bridging the gap between pavement and environment has been a challenge for many years. Road slurry and seal coatings are two products that help bridge this gap.

Years of weather, traffic, UV degradation, and other environmental stressors cause pavement surfaces to slowly lose their binders. Slurry or seal coating can replenish them for a smoother, safer, and more appealing finish.

Road Slurry:

  • A mixture of solids, liquids, and gases
  • Used to cover the surface of a road
  • Applied by using a machine to spread the liquid coating on the asphalt surface

Seal Coatings

  • A type of paint
  • Used to protect road surfaces from weathering and oxidation
  • Applied using a spray can

Both of these types of coatings help to protect the surface of the road from use and abuse, as well as the rise and fall of the seasons.

Coating and striping your pavement surface every few years is the most cost effective way to maintain and dramatically improve the appearance of your property for only cents on the dollar. A preventative maintenance plan that includes crack-filling, coating, and striping your surface every few years will reduce the need for major costly repairs in the future.

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