Warehouse Floor Striping

Floor markings are critical to keeping your warehouse floor organized and easy to navigate, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your staff.

Macadam Construction offers a variety of striping services depending on how long you need your markings to last, whether you need them for the season or for many years. Contact us today to speak with a staff member to help decide which type of striping is best for your warehouse.

Warehouse Floor Stencil Painting

Floor stencil painting is a long-lasting, cost-effective solution with a variety of benefits for your warehouse.

1. Safety. Hazard zones such as loading docks or forklift traffic areas can be indicated easily using stencil painting so that workers know when to exercise caution.

2. Organization. With many warehouses implementing elaborate inventory management systems, it can sometimes be challenging for staff to navigate inventory and locate items quickly. Floor stencil painting can alleviate this problem by creating a clear path to their destination.

3. Increased productivity. Clearly marked areas and navigation routes will allow your workers to move about more efficiently, reducing time taken to complete tasks.

4. Endless customization. Stencil painting can be customized to match any branding or color preferences as desired.

If your warehouse needs stencil painting, contact us today to get a free estimate.

Warehouse Floor Coatings

Warehouses are busy places, often involving forklift traffic. Unfortunately, forklifts sometimes have battery leaks that can spill acid onto your floors.

Our acid-resistant warehouse floor coatings will repair existing damage while protecting from future damage, keeping your warehouse clean and safe for your staff.

Warehouse Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Before beginning any coating, striping, or sealing project, it is crucial to start with a clean surface. With high traffic and volume of inventory being moved, warehouse floors tend to need a thorough cleaning before any coating or painting can be applied. Macadam Construction will take care of this for you so you don’t have to find another cleaning service, saving you time and money.

Once the new coating, paint, or sealant is installed, we also offer a variety of maintenance plans to fit your budget and frequency of cleaning needed.

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