New Construction

New Construction is a term used to describe a new project, whether it is a new building or structure. Anything designed and built from scratch can be described as a new construction. From asphalt for a new parking lot, to a brand new building. There are many steps in a new construction project before construction starts, such as site preparation, engineering and design, and compliance. It is important to know these steps before working, as they can affect the entire project. A well prepared plan can help to ensure that the job gets done in a safe and timely manner. We consider all steps before starting a new construction project.

How New Construction Asphalt Differs

Installing a new asphalt surface is a much different process than resurfacing an existing one.

The utmost care in observation, planning, and building must be taken to ensure a smooth, level surface is the end result.

Our experienced team has handled many challenging new construction projects and would love the opportunity to help you create a successful project as well.

Past Projects

  • Project 1: We constructed a new parking lot for the employees of the company where there was previously a vacant lot. This project presented many challenges as the lot had a steep hill. From start to finish, it was completed in only 14 days and was ready for use the following day.
  • Project 2: A new company in Hawthorne needed a parking lot built on a plot of land they recently purchased. This project was completed in just under a week and provided 30 new parking stalls for the company’s employees.

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